May 18, 2015

Best Dad Ever T-shirt

Do you have the best Dad ever?  Or is your husband the best Dad anyone could want for their kids?  You might consider this t-shirt for Father's Day or his birthday.  It ships free too, so you don't even need an Amazon Prime Account.

I was given the opportunity to purchase this Best Dad Ever T-Shirt at a discount in exchange for my review on amazon, and I'm really pleased with the quality.  It is double stitched at shoulder and neckline, and all stitching is even, with no puckers or pulls.  The one I chose is listed as Navy blue, but to me it's not quite dark enough to be called Navy, but more of a country-blue, although much darker than that.  When I was looking at the colors available, I chose this one because I liked this color blue, and it does appear to me in person to be the same as what's listed (but remember, not all computer monitors are the same, and colors might appear slightly different on yours than mine).

This isn't a real heavy t-shirt, but it's not cheaply made.  I bought this for my son (who gave me my second grandchild last month!), and he lives at the beach, so a lighter weight t-shirt is better for him anyway.

I'm not sure what type of process was used for the lettering, but it is firmly adhered to the fabric, and doesn't appear that it would wear or peel off after a time.  I expect that the lettering will last the life of the shirt.

I'm going to send the shirt to my daughter-in-law and have her give it to my son from the kids for his birthday (in June) and Father's Day.  I hope he likes it!

~ Marie Anne

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