May 18, 2015

Addendum to 'How to Write a Good Product Review'

I posted earlier about how to write a good product review on amazon, but neglected two important points.  I've edited the original blog post to include those two items, but wanted to make a separate post so that those who already read that post wouldn't miss it.

When writing a blog post about skin care or supplements, it's difficult to write about how the product really works when you've only had it a few days.  Most sellers want their reviews written right away, so go ahead and write what you feel comfortable with after first using the product (as I mentioned in the original blog post), then feel free to edit the review later if you have more information to add.

Also, make sure that your review is about the product itself, not the service.  If an item arrived later than expected or was broken in transit, that's about packaging and shipping, not about the product.  There's a separate place to report feedback about products that arrived late or damaged (which I'll cover in a separate post).

More to follow!

~ Marie Anne

1 comment:

Impy said...

Excellent points. I've seen too many reviews about packaging broke, etc...this is not helpful when considering buying a product and hardly fair to the business owning the product. (Even if it might turn out to be crap)

I think it would be nice to follow up on your reviews for skin care products.

I was reading a bunch of reviews for AeroGarden and almost all of them said, it's a good product but they hadn't even gotten their first crop in yet. This is not helpful to me. I want to know if they got nice plants, were they abundant, etc.