PR Friendly - I love to review!

Does your company have a product you'd like reviewed?  Would you like to increase exposure to your site or business by sponsoring a giveaway?  I'm PR Friendly and would be happy to help!  You ship the product to me (and contest winner, if applicable) at your expense in exchange for a thorough review on this blog.

I have no young children at home but do have two grandchildren (6 yr old granddaughter, 4 yr old grandson) so welcome any products that are kid friendly.  I also have dogs and will gladly review pet products.  I strive to keep a green household and welcome eco-friendly cleaning supplies and personal care products for review as well.

I love to crochet and quilt, so anything dealing with any of those crafts (yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles, fabric or any sewing related products) would make me a happy girl!   I'd love to review any books or products that would be a good fit for either of those pastimes.

As a freelance writer knowledgeable of SEO, I guarantee an honest, well-written review, but won't compromise my integrity just to receive free product.  Once posted, the blog entry featuring your product or website will be shared on Facebook, tweeted with appropriated hashtags, and submitted to giveaway sites, as appropriate.  Other tasks particular to your circumstances may be negotiated.  Unfortunately, since amazon changed their rules, I can no longer offer reviews there in exchange for discounted/free products.

For further information, email me at

~  Marie Anne

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