May 19, 2015

Where is My Amazon Profile?

When you start looking for places to get free or discounted products to review on amazon, one of the first things the group admin, site administrator, or seller is going to ask you for is your amazon profile.  They'll want to see how many reviews you have up, and how well written they are.  But where is your profile page?    You'd think amazon would make it easy and put it in a highly visible tab at the top of the page, right?  But no, for some reason, they've buried it elsewhere on the page.

Good thing you have me to make it easy for you!

(click any of the photos to enlarge)

1 - Go to and look to the top right of the page for your name (you might have to sign in first).

The color might change, but should look something like this

2 - Mouse over Your Account, then from the drop-down list, click on Your Account again.

3 - In the left sidebar towards the bottom, you'll see Personalization and to the right of that you'll see Public Profile listed as the first thing under Community.  Click that.

Ta-da!  You've landed on your amazon profile page.  Make sure to bookmark it in a place where you can find it again quickly and easily, because you'll be referring to it a lot if you're going to be an amazon reviewer.

~ Marie Anne

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