March 26, 2014

How to Earn More Cash and Gift Cards With ZoomBucks

Are you a member of ZoomBucks, but gave up because you weren't earning much? Read on and see how I'm doing it. If you're not a member yet, click to sign up with ZoomBucks today and get started earning PayPal cash or gift cards!  

If you choose to redeem for an amazon gift card, you can redeem with as little as 300 points for a $3 gift card.  If you want to hold out for cash, you can choose PayPal in the amount of $5 by cashing in 575 points.  I do a lot of these sites, so I spread it out between gift cards and PayPal, and for ZoomBucks, I choose amazon gift cards since it's a lower amount that I can reach more easily.  I'm averaging at least $1 every day, so that's $30 or more in gift cards every month by clicking in the background while I'm doing other things online. 

ZoomBucks has changed their layout recently and I think it's much more user-friendly than it was in the past.  When you first open up the home page, you'll notice a big button in the upper left that says "you have videos to watch" (see photo) and that's where I concentrate my time.  Click that, and you're off!

I don't know if there is a certain amount of videos available every day, but I start all of my clicking early in the morning, so I usually get a good amount every day.  The page will refresh once you've received points for finishing that video, and the button should reappear to click it again.  If it doesn't show up, refresh the page and it likely will.  When you run out of videos, the popup window from the last video will be blank with just text saying that there are no more videos.

Even if you do run out of videos, check back later in the day and see if they've reset.  Sometimes I'll get a few more videos 2-3 times later in the day, and it does add up!

I don't bother with much of the other stuff on ZoomBucks, but of course you're welcome to poke around and see what else might work for you.  I'm busy with many sites, so I tend to follow what works the easiest for me on each particular site.  If I'm short just a few points to meet a goal, then I'll look around for a few pennies elsewhere by clicking the tab labeled 'earn', then 'earn with offers' at the top of the drop-down list.  I usually listen to the radio with one of the other sites I do, but if I'm short a penny or two for a ZoomBucks goal, I'll switch and listen to the radio there instead.

So that's it!  Simply click through the videos while you're going about your other business online and those pennies will add up quickly.  

If you have questions, leave a comment and I'll do my best to help you out.  Happy clicking!

~ Marie Anne

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