May 7, 2014

Earn Money Daily With a FREE Smart Phone!

Did you know that your smart phone can earn money for you every day, without you lifting a finger?  Ok, you have to punch a button or two to get it started, but then it will run automatically, earning money for you as it runs.

My FREE phone running an app that's making me money!

Get started today by ordering this Android phone through eBates and get it FREE!  The Kyocera Hydro phone is available through Boost Mobile at a price of $17.49 and includes free shipping, and eBates will credit you a rebate of $17.50, making the phone free - all you pay is sales tax, if it applies in your state.  I ended up paying a buck something for this phone and have already made more money than that just a few  hours after taking it out of the box.

Not a member yet?  Signing up is easy, just click on eBates and start getting paid for when you shop online.  Once on eBates, search for Kyocera Hydro, and click on the listing for the phone that's priced at $17.49, click through there and complete the order on the Boost Mobile site.  Once your order is complete, you should see it show up on your eBates account within a few hours.

I ordered my phone last week and it came in yesterday, complete with battery and power cord that allowed me to start earning immediately.  I let it run overnight and it worked so well that I ordered another phone this morning - again, totally free (except for tax).

My first phone worked so well,  I ordered a second one!

You don't need a phone plan to use the phone as a stand-alone device, as long as you have access to wi-fi. Even if you don't have wi-fi at home, it's available at a lot of stores and restaurants, etc, so you could be earning pennies while getting your oil changed or your teeth cleaned.

There are lots of ways to earn money with a smart phone, but the two that I like best right now are SwagBucks and PerkTV.  (If you're still using SwagBucks just to search, you're losing out!  I'm making several dollars a day, and can show you how, on your computer as well as smart phone).  Both allow you to run the money-making apps automatically, so you can just set it and forget it, and watch the pennies add up.  Grab your free phone above (or use the ios or Android phone that you already have), and I can show you how to start earning immediately.  

Bonus:   PerkTV allows you to run the app on up to FIVE devices at the same time, so go ahead and load it on your Kindle, tablet, smart phone, etc. and run them all!

There are loads of other apps out there that you can use to make money, or to save money - coupons, store sales, even one that  pays you to watch TV! - but I don't want to overwhelm you all in one post. Join us at Happy Earners, a Facebook group dedicated to helping people earn money online, and you can get started earning today!

~ Marie Anne

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