March 15, 2014

Best Sites to Earn Cash and Amazon Gift Cards

I've posted recently about a couple of the sites where I've been earning cash and amazon gift cards, but I figured it was time to put all of my links in one post.  I had an awesome run yesterday, clicking away and watching videos, and I made several dollars between all the sites.  I kept track of some but not others, but I'm going to start keeping better records so that I can report here just how well I'm doing, and show you that it DOES work!

It does take time and a little coordination if you try to do all of these sites, and it helps if you can multi-task and juggle several tabs open, but you can still do well even if you can only manage one or two at a time.  A good part of my day yesterday was sitting in the recliner watching TV and crocheting, with my laptop open and earning me cash and gift cards at the same time (and I've got them all open and running right now as I write this blog post)!

Below are the links to the sites that I do every day.  I'll make a separate post that elaborates on each of them, but you can click the links here and sign up and get started right away.
ZoomBucks - Payout as low as $3, and pays out fairly quickly (within 24-48 hrs, I believe). Tried and true - I've been paid many times.  Click ZoomBucks to sign up.

InstaGC - Payout as little as $1, either gift cards or check.  Pays immediately upon redeeming (checks are mailed right away too).  One of my new favorites.  Tried and true - I've been paid 23 times as of this writing (I can normally cash out $1 every day with little effort, and on a good day, $2-4).  Click  instaGC to sign up.

GiftHulk - Payout at $5 or better.  Bonus HulkCoins by watching GiftHulk TV really add up.  This one is fairly new to me, but I've been paid twice already, and it has a good track record. One of my new favorites.   Redemptions are processed every Sunday, so the most you'll have to wait is six days; if you cash out on Saturday, you get it the next day.  Click GiftHulk to sign up.

SwagBucks - Tried and true site that many are already familiar with. Earn hefty bonuses for reaching certain levels each day (easy to do if you set up the encrave videos to run automatically).  Click SwagBucks to sign up.

iRazoo - I don't do this one as often because it seems to take longer to reach payout, but it DOES pay (I've been paid several times).  You get five points just for logging in every day and looking under 'earn points' and clicking on 'offers', so I make it a point to at least do that.  If I run out of things to do on the other sites and I have extra time, I'll do more here.  Click iRazoo to sign up.

As I mentioned above, I'll write a separate post with tips on how to earn more from each specific site, but if you have questions that I can answer now, find me on Facebook and I'll definitely help you get started in the meantime.

~ Marie Anne


Sandy said...

I did a little one day on GiftHulk but then it seemed to stop adding, now I'm getting lots of junk mail from them. I forgot to use a different email when I signed up, looked a bit but can't see where to change my email? Can you? Can you do gift cards vs cash/checks for all of these places? Do you get credit if I join, did you when I joined GiftHulk? I went from the link on your previous blog post.

Blogger said...

SwagBucks is a very popular get-paid-to site.