March 11, 2014

First Redemption at Gift Hulk - Easy Peasy!

I made this post the other day about Gift Hulk and how it appeared to be another easy way to earn amazon (and other) gift cards.  My first impression proved to be valid, because after less than three days of activity, I've just cashed out for my first $5 amazon gift card, and it will be delivered in five days (they pay out every Sunday).

There are so many ways to earn with Gift Hulk that I could stay busy all day.  It's similar to some other sites like SwagBucks, ZoomBucks, and instaGC (my other favorite), but there are more ways to earn here than some of the others we're all familiar with.

Click to get 250 Hulk Coins just for registering!

Usually you can earn 4 Hulk Coins for doing a valid search each hour, but today they've announced that from now through March 15, 2014, they're allowing you to get credit for searching once every ten minutes!

I rarely do surveys because I never qualify, and it's a waste of time for me.  With Gift Hulk, even if you don't qualify, they give you 20 points for trying (up to three each day).  The surveys I chose were very short and didn't take long at all to get through (or, in my case, to disqualify).  Sixty easy points right there.

I made a killing watching videos this morning, and even though I'm only about halfway through my 20 sessions of GiftHulk TV, I've already earned over 800 900 1000 points today.

Don't wait another day - get in on GiftHulk now, and get 250 points just for signing up!

~ Marie Anne

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