March 9, 2014

Gift Hulk - Great Way to Earn Cash and Gift Cards

I joined Gift Hulk some time back but forgot about it until a friend recently mentioned that she had cashed out, so I gave it another look.  It didn't take me long to realize that I had been throwing money away by not adding the site to my morning routine.  No more!

Earning points with GiftHulk is much like some of the other sites that you might be familiar with - you click things to earn points.  I rarely do surveys on any of these sites because they can suck up a lot of time with no guarantee of return.  Even without doing surveys, I earned almost 550 points yesterday on GiftHulk.  One video that was worth 6 points was able to be clicked several times which gave me a nice little bonus.  I also had videos that were worth 8 and 11 points.

You can earn points by searching, and you don't have to search a lot and wait to get lucky like some sites; you get 4 points for doing just one search,  and it resets every hour.  If you're on the computer all day anyway, remember to come back to Gift Hulk for a quick search you can earn a small chunk with no effort.

Click to get 250 Hulk Coins just for registering!

Where I earned most of my points yesterday was by watching GiftHulk TV.  You get credited 10 Hulk Coins by watching a round of 10 videos, with nice bonuses if you watch more.

Watch 5 rounds = 40 extra Hulk Coins
Watch 10 rounds = 50 extra Hulk Coins
Watch 15 rounds = 60 extra Hulk Coins
Watch 20 rounds = 90 extra Hulk Coins

It caps out at 20 rounds, so if you watch the maximum, you can earn 240 bonus points, in addition to the 10 points you earn for each other round of ten videos that doesn't have a bonus attached.

I sat in the recliner yesterday to crochet a doily with my laptop in front of me, and I was able to watch all 20 rounds and max out my points with no trouble.

Your account is also credited with a few chips every day and you can play guess the card for a chance to win more points.  The longer you're with Gift Hulk and increase your ranking, the more chips/chances you'll get to play each day.

Redemptions are paid out every Sunday, so no matter what day you cash out, you'll be paid within a week or less.  You could cash out on Saturday and see your payment the next day.  Higher levels get paid even quicker than that!  You can choose to get paid cash via PayPal, or opt for amazon or any number of other gift cards.  There are also gadgets and toys you can purchase, and GiftHulk ships them free!

I'm earning while running Gift Hulk in the background as I type this post.  What're you waiting for?  Click any of the links above and get 250 Hulk Coins just for signing up!

~ Marie Anne

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