January 8, 2014

How I Maximize My Earnings on Chatabout

I posted earlier about Chatabout, the hottest new online way to earn money and gift cards, and promised I'd come back and post again about how I go about making my earnings - so here it is!

Referrals are definitely a good way to add to your earnings (you earn 20% of what your referrals earn), but here's a tip - don't just post your link on Facebook and forget about it.  If you've earning anything on Chatabout, make sure to share your testimony. People like to hear that something really works before they'll sign up.  Tell them how the site operates and don't just leave them floundering around to figure it out for themselves.  If you're still a little lost yourself, pop on over to my Facebook group for Chatabout, and invite your friends too.  It's a place where we can all share ideas and tips, and the group is for everyone, not just my own referrals, so come join the party!

To cash out on Chatabout, you only need 500 points to earn a $5 amazon gift card or $5 cash via PayPal (and they normally pay out within 24 hrs).

You can earn 2 points for each response in the Q&A area, but I like to spend my time more wisely in the topics area, which you can find by clicking at the very top left of any page.  Once there, look through what's on that page, or do a search for topics that interest you.  Once you find some topics that you like, click to follow them, so they'll be easier to find later.

Open a topic, then start scrolling down and responding to posts that are already there.  Since they are all going to be on the same topic, don't make one long response if you can break it down to use for several responses to other posts.    You do want to make sure that each response you make does offer something more than just a 'great post', or 'I'll have to try that', though.  Add a little something to it.  The general rule of thumb that the site suggests in the rules is to make your response a minimum of 20 words long.  You don't have to count each word every time you respond to a post, because staff has come on board in writing saying that if you generally play by the rules and make good posts, they're not going to come after you if you make one or two posts that are a word or two short.  They are very quick about getting rid of those abusing the system, however, so don't give them an excuse - play by the rules!

Ok, back to topics ...

Scroll down a topic of choice and respond to several posts.  If you have something to say about that topic that really doesn't fit in a post that's already there, then go ahead and make a new post.  Doing that will give you more opportunities to respond again after others post below you.

Once you've exhausted one topic, pick another one and repeat the process.  Since Chatabout is fairly new, there aren't as many new posts to respond to, so go through your topics at different times of the day when new material has been added as more people show up. I'm trying to jump on for a few minutes both morning and evening, but you can set up your own schedule, or just wing it.

Follow several topics and keep looking for more, or make a few of your own on subjects that interest you.  There should be no end to ideas for things to write about on Chatabout - you do it on Facebook anyway, so why not do it somewhere that you can get paid for it?

~ Marie Anne

P.S.  I cashed out for the third time at approximately 10:30 a.m. January 9, and my gift card was in my email before 5:30 p.m. the same day.  How awesome is that?

I have since cashed out for $25 PayPal cash and received it within hours.  It was late evening when I cashed out, and the $25 was in my PayPal account before 9am the next morning.

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