September 23, 2012

Earn Today With Jingit!

I was just introduced to Jingit by a friend yesterday and I already earned almost $7 my first afternoon.  This is going to rock!

It's a simple process and not only do you earn cash, you also can earn BTFE (Box Tops for Education) for your school of choice.

Join Jingit.
Enter code received via text to activate (one time).
Watch a very short video.  
Answer 3-4 very short questions right on the same screen. 
Earn money.

That's it!  Most videos are worth $ .30 each and it adds up quickly.  Make sure to check for new opportunities every day, and then again throughout the day as more are added frequently.  

If you have a smartphone, you can earn even more when you shop at WalMart.  My phone isn't a fancy smartphone, so all of my earnings so far have been from just a few minutes on the computer, so anyone can do this.

Give Jingit a look and start earning today.  It's unlike any other watching video/complete survey/click-this-or-that site I've seen.

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