July 15, 2012

Slice the Pie - Make Money Online While Listening to Music

Listen to music clips, have an influence on new music, and make money online ... what's not to like about Slice the Pie?

I haven't seen anyone post about this in any of the blogs that I follow and I'm really surprised.  Before signing up yesterday I did a search and didn't see any negative remarks about it, nothing to indicate it might be a scam.  Slicethepie has been around for several years and does pay out regularly so it seems legitimate; right now they pay twice a week with a $10 minimum.

Once you sign up, click 'scout' to listen to music clips and leave a comment about how you liked or did not like it, then give it a number rating from 1-10. You can earn up to a maximum of $ .20 per rating and even though I'm only earning $ .06 - .07 each right now, I still earned about a buck my first day, just by listening to music for a few minutes.  How cool is that?  I'll likely earn more per rating as my Slicethepie rank increases, so I'm definitely going to stick it out.  One of my referrals said that she's been earning $ .12 per review already!

Tip:  Shortly after joining, you'll be asked which music genres you like to listen to, so choose as many as possible in order to have more reviews available.  When it says it is out of reviews, just refresh the page to catch more music clips as they are listed throughout the day.

I think this is a neat concept, one I haven't seen before.  Clicking buttons and filling out surveys can be tedious and boring.  With Slice the Pie, you can put a little fun into your online earning endeavors as you jam to the music while doing it!

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Amy Brantley said...

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.