July 28, 2011

My Free Gift Card From Amazon and a Security Reminder

I received an email yesterday that I'd received a free gift card from amazon.com.  I have no idea what prompted it, but there was a code for a gift card worth $29.48 to apply to my account.  It wasn't a gift from an anonymous friend because it didn't say someone sent me a gift card for amazon.com, it said amazon.com sent me a gift card.

Since unscrupulous people/sites will often send emails that look like they come from legitimate sources, I knew better than to click any links in the email, rather logged into my amazon.com account separately.  I copied the code from the email and added it to my gift card account and it worked - I now have an extra $29.48 to spend!

I did make several purchases a week or so ago (my new GPS with all the trimmings, that I paid for with gift cards I earned free at SwagBucks) and thought perhaps it might be a rebate or some other incentive, but I can't find any information on the site about anything of the sort.

Have you ever received a free gift card from amazon.com out of the blue?  Do you know why?   I'm still clueless as to why I was gifted this card, but big thanks to amazon.com for sending it!

Remember,  if you get email with a link to change your password, or to get money or a prize, don't click the link! Whatever the site is (paypal, your bank, credit card company, etc), always go there by typing the URL yourself or from your favorites/bookmarks to log in, never from a link in an email.

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Marie Anne St Jean said...

No need to leave the same comment on every post. I was a member of SwagBucks long before I even started this blog years ago.