July 4, 2011

Dog Food Coupons and Best Laid Plans

Don't you love it when you have things planned out and something throws a kink in it?  I'm preparing for a trip home to NH later this week and was going to head to town on Tues to pick up some last minute things I needed.  That is until I went to feed the dogs last night and realized the bin of dog food was running on empty.

Uh oh.

Decided I'd have to get a move on and head to Walmart to pick up dog food this morning, probably my least favorite thing to do on a holiday.  Of course I have a laundry list of things to do and this will throw a kink into my schedule.  And do I have a coupon?  Nope, don't see one.  Off to do an online search ... Voila!  Found a $2 coupon for Purina Dog Chow, so I printed two.

For some reason I then decided to tidy up all the scraps of paper on my desk, and what do you think I found amid the clutter?  A coupon for $3 off Purina Dog Chow that I had printed last week sometime.  Grrrr ...

Ok, so I won't be running out of dog food any time soon.  Off to the garage to check the supply of cat food. One partial bag and hmm, what's that over there? A bag of Purina Dog Chow.  Grrr again ... I didn't put it where I usually do so missed it the first time I checked.

So I don't have to make a trip to Walmart today after all, which is good, because I wanted to fill my gas tank and the gas cans for the mower and use my gift card to get the .10 per gallon savings at Walmart's Murphy USA station.  Gas prices went up for the holiday weekend, and I was hoping they'd go down by Tues or Wed so I could save even more.

Now that that's settled, I can buckle down and try to get some writing done.  With or without coupons, dog food still costs money.


Donna Thacker said...

I probably lose more coupons then I actually use, so I know the feeling!

Cathy said...

I love having coupons for dog food. We have 4 big dogs; a St. Bernard and three huskies so they go through a bag a week. Any discount I can get and I like it! Wish I could get your coupon but it's probably for the US only. :( Oh well.

Arlee Bird said...

I used to be fanatical about clipping and using coupons, but the deals at the stores and the coupons don't seem to be as good as they were a few years back. Then also I don't buy as many groceries as I used to when I had kids still living at home.

Tossing It Out

anthony stemke said...

Hope you had a wonderful Independence day.