July 6, 2011

Miss Me Yet?

I won't be around the rest of the week because I'm leaving in the middle of the night tonight to head home to NH and will be returning on Monday evening.

I'll be meeting up with some grammar school classmates from good ol' Blessed Sacrament School, Class of '71. We're getting together at The Puritan Backroom in Manchester for an informal buffet and a few drinks on Friday night, then again for brunch at The Yard in Londonderry on Sunday for those that can't make it Friday.  I haven't seen most of these people in 40 years, and while I'm sure we'll have a great time, I have to admit it's a bit scary too.

Saturday will be filled with family time as we celebrate my brother's 60th birthday (and my birthday is Sunday, but don't tell anyone), so my few days there will be quite full.  Do most people need a vacation after they get back from vacation?

Until next week ...

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