July 2, 2011

Save .10 a Gallon on Gas at Walmart Through September 30

Photo courtesy of Garrison Photo
I usually add  money to my gift card to purchase gas at Walmart and Murphy USA and save .03 per gallon throughout the year.  Walmart is currently offering savings of .10 a gallon if you use the gift card or a Walmart Money Card or credit card, now through the end of September, 2011.

No purchase is necessary and it costs nothing to get a Walmart gift card.  Every time I shop at Walmart I hand my gift card to the cashier and ask her to add a few dollars to it, so I'm never without gas money.  Walmart usually has the lowest price on gas in my town and the .03 savings sweetens the deal.

If you'll be driving this 4th of July weekend, make sure to stop at Walmart to top off the tank.  With the .10 savings being offered for 90 days, don't forget to fill up all the gas cans for the lawn mower this summer too.

This offer may not be available at all stores and is not available in Minnesota and Oklahoma.  You can find the list of participating Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations online.


Amy Brantley said...

Awesome post! I wish our Walmart carried gas :(

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Good deal!

Tracey said...

I had no idea that you save on gas by using a Walmart gift card. I'll have to remember this the next time I'm over that way.