January 8, 2011

Free Low Carb Quest Bars Giveaways

When on a low carb diet, it's easy to get bored with eating the same old stuff every day.  The only snacks I allow myself are almonds, pistachios and walnuts, and the occasional chunk of cheese.  What I wouldn't give for a candy bar!

Just yesterday I was looking at protein bars at the grocery store, hoping that some would be low carb as well as look good enough to eat.  I was amazed at some of the ingredients listed, and put every one of them back on the shelf.  

As fate would have it, I was reading Amy Dungan's Healthy Low-Carb Living earlier today and came across a comment about Quest Bars.  From what she said, Quest Bars are really good and really low-carb, without a lot of added junk.   I searched for more information and came across this article by Laura Dolson, who echoed Amy's good review, and included a link to get two free sample bars from Quest.  

Tastes good?  Low-carb?  FREE?  What's not to love about that?

All reports I've read say the Quest Bars are ok for someone following a low-carb diet.  They're high protein, low-carb, and not full of ingredients that'll kill you, and they taste great.  I signed up immediately to get my two free Quest Bars and I'm anxious to give them a try.  Here's how you can get yours.

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Lisa said...

Interesting. I want to try these. I have carb addiction due to excess insulin (post-prandial reactive hyperinsulinemia) which was discovered when I was found to be pre-diabetic, although not overweight (as is typical). Of the many symptoms that I had, included becoming very tired and lethargic and craving carbs. Bread, rice, beers, potatoes... the cravings were intense and once eaten, I would feel better, only to have the cycle continue again. I've found now that a low-carb diet is helping tremendously. I check my blood sugar regularly and find it coming back to a normal range when I avoid the carbs.