January 6, 2011

Fess-Up Friday - And We're Off!

It's Friday, so that means it's time to fess up!

To play along on Fess-Up Friday, link to your blog post about something you did this week that you want to be accountable for.  If you resolved to add an exercise routine, write more articles, eat healthier, or cut coupons and make a menu plan, let’s hear how you did.   Look to the bottom of this post and link your blog for my other readers to see, then make sure your blog post has a link back here so they can follow everyone else on Fess Up Friday!

It doesn't matter if your 'fess up' blog post is actually done on a Friday since I'll be leaving the linky tool for FUF all week until the following Friday.  Just link to whatever post you think is appropriate, even if it's a blog post made on another day.  Also, if you'd rather share an article you wrote that fits the theme, you could use that as your link too.

A group of my fellow freelance writers and I are working towards losing some serious poundage.  I lost 51 lbs last year following the low-carb Rosedale Diet (see it below),  decided to cheat a bit and not only did I fall off the wagon, I watched it pull away from me with the team at a full gallop!  I ended up putting 20 lbs back on and resolved to get back on that wagon again, this time with my seatbelt securely fastened.  This group happened along at the perfect time, and I'm amazed at the support already shared in the short time since it started.  Are you a freelance writer trying to lose weight, get fit, eat better?  We'd love to have you join us!

My turn to fess up ...

After eating as much of the junk food  as I could on December 31st, my starting weight on Sunday, January 1st was 182.  I've lost 3 lbs and so far so good following Dr Rosedale's regimen.  I've been eating sausage and eggs (good ones from my girls, not the junk in the grocery store), turkey burgers (just the patty), homemade hamburger patties, homemade chicken soup (just stock, chicken and veggies), and lots of broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts.   No bread, potatoes or pasta got past these lips!

The first few days are the toughest, but it gets better the longer you stick with it.  As long as I have pistachios and almonds to snack on throughout the day, I can do it. 

I broke out the tandem leash and have been taking the dogs for a short walk each day and that's good for entertainment as well as exercise.  I can't go too far out here on this road, and have to be careful with Molly (severe hip displasia), but even 15-20 min at a good clip is better than nothing.  I should be able to lengthen it to 25-30 min before I run out of road, but that will include a fairly steep incline, so it may just be Jethro and I when we get to that point.

My 'goal buddy' Zoe stared out at 196.4 on Jan 1 and her official weigh-in this morning was 192.  Great job!  (but I wouldn't recommend anyone get sick to jump-start a weight loss regimen).

It hasn't been a full week yet, but I think I've done pretty good so far.  My goal is to lose 25 lbs by May 31st.   Three down, twenty-two to go!

So ... how'd you do this week with your goals?  Fess up!

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Amy Brantley said...

Love 7 pounds this week!!!! :)

Magena Fawn said...

Lost 6 pounds! I'm running late to work so I will have to get back to this tonight.

Theresa Leschmann said...

Love this idea. I will add "Fess-Up Friay" to my blog and link to you too. COngrats on the progress!

Karen Sanders said...

What a cool idea! I am starting my eating plan properly next week - but I did manage to lose 1lb this week :D