December 30, 2010

Help Me Help Rissa

I just got the word yesterday that a fellow freelance writer, Rissa Watkins, was diagnosed with a nasty form of leukemia.  Her battle will likely be long and hard, and many of us have committed to helping her fight the good fight.

While she faces treatments, one of the immediate concerns will be monetary.  She does have insurance, but it's the end of the year and new deductibles will kick in and have to be met in just two days.  We'd like to help Rissa by padding her bank account so that she doesn't get more stressed over finances, and can concentrate on fighting this monster.

I don't usually make all that much from my writing, but November was a good month for me (which I donated to others who needed a bit of Christmas cheer), and December is even better.  As of this morning, I'm up to $181.24 in earnings for people reading my articles this month.  I'd love to make that an even $200, all to be donated to Rissa.

You can help me help Rissa by clicking here to read some of my articles.  Please don't click blindly; I'm not trying to game the system.  Just have a look through the titles and click to read any that interest you.  You'll find simple crochet patterns, a few recipes, even an op/ed piece or two.

You can also help by reading Rissa's articles.  Obviously her writing will take a back seat during her treatments, so by reading her work now, you'll help her continue to earn a small residual income.

I don't want to share Rissa's email address for PayPal donations, but we should have a button soon that will allow others to donate directly without compromising her personal information.  Please check back and look for that button if you'd like to donate.

Rissa is a lovely young woman, wife and mother. I've only got two days left to meet my $200 goal. Won't you help me help her?


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Marie!

Magena Fawn

Heidi Pocketbook said...

I will be clicking and reading as soon as I sit down for another break. Wonderful idea, Marie.

T. Hillukka said...

I'd be glad to help out more :) I've already donated, read, and shared some, but I'll keep on doing so. Thanks for doing this for her.

Maria Roth said...

You rock! I'm going to copy and paste the comment I just left on Ann's article here: It's so easy to make a donation through PayPal--I did it yesterday. I can tell you that the first year of hospital bills for my daughter's ALL treatment came to about $500,000 (and treatment lasts 2 1/2 yrs). That's not an exaggeration. I am blessed to have financial assistance through my daughter's hospital. PLEASE HELP RISSA'S FAMILY ANY WAY YOU CAN! Rissa *will* kick ALL's ass. I've watched my little girl do it, and Rissa will, too. :)

Dawn Trumbull said...

My husband Greg has ALL and was diagnosed a year ago. He has fought hard but this year has been difficult! We have been blessed by a wonderful church family and a a large amount of family and friends who helped us get through this year. We are praying and remember that Rissa will need all the help that she can get.

Dawn Trumbull

Theresa Wiza said...

No time to comment beyond this: I'm going to read Rissa's articles now.
P.S. What a great friend you are.

jan Corn said...

Marie- This is wonderful! I'm going to do what I can to read and add page views as well as help promote some of the articles in hopes that they'll get mega page views. I've donated via Lyn and others but anything I can do beyond that...will try to stay updated.