September 22, 2010


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Was fixing a cup of tea and going through email when my friend popped into the room with an armload of fur and said 'surprise'!

Three more kittens.

The garage door was open most of the day yesterday and apparently mama cat dropped by with the last three kittens (at least I hope it's the last of them!), two more solid gray and a solid black.  There are now five kittens in the bunch, three gray, one black, and one black and white - four boys and a little girl (a gray).

So now I have 11 chickens (half of them sickly with the bumblefoot), two  dogs, one cat, one kitten from the last litter, the five kittens from this litter and mama cat still to deal with.

Since the new bunch was without food or water for at least 10 hours while in the garage overnight, I softened some kitten chow in water and fed them the water with the syringe to get fluids in them immediately, with a bit of nutrients from the food. They all seem to be doing fine and none the worse for their wear, and all are safely ensconced in the dog crate/chick brooder/cat house.

I see VERY busy days for me ahead.

Please be responsible and spay and neuter your pets.  This one set of adult cats has produced at least 9 kittens in just four months.  If all left intact, that number would increase exponentially in just one year.

Although I was not fishing for donations (and I'm still not), two very sweet ladies came forward and made very generous donations to help me catch mama cat to get her spayed.  One wishes to remain anonymous, but my thanks go out to both her and Sam McFarland for their generosity in helping to deal with unplanned pets in my little corner of the world.  You guys rock!

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