September 30, 2010

Kittens Everywhere!

Still have five kittens that mama stray dropped off and boy, they sure do stink up the place.  I clean their box several times a day when I feed them and still it about chokes me .. blech!

Five hungry (and messy) kitties

They're cute, but it's time for them to find new homes.  I've listed on freecycle (no responses) and Craig's List (one person emailed this morning asking what color the little girl was, but haven't heard back since).  I'm hopeful that someone will want one or two of these little guys soon to make things a bit more manageable around here.

The little fella from the last litter will be neutered tomorrow, and I'll set the trap tonight to try to catch mama stray so she can go in to be spayed during the same visit.  If not successful this time, will have to try again next week.

Reggie, modeling an afghan I was working on
Wish me luck!

Updating:  Hurray!  Mama cat came by for her supper and already sprung the trap, so she'll be transported to get snipped tomorrow too.

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