September 20, 2010

Cute Kitty Alert - Can You Help?

These little guys are about 4 weeks old.

I'm a responsible pet owner and my cat and two dogs are spayed/neutered, but there is a stray mama out here that deposited her four kittens at my door back in May.  They were only about three weeks old and I had to bottle feed for a while before they could eat on their own.   You can see pictures here.

I kept one of the little fellas and he will be neutered soon.  I would love to have mama cat spayed, but while she'll come close enough to eat, I haven't been able to catch her.  She has since had another litter and the two little guys followed her out of the brush on Saturday, so I've taken them on too.

I want to buy a trap so that I can capture and get mama cat fixed.  The humane trap will cost $25 and the spay $100, and I've got the extra expenses of neutering the little guy from the first litter as well as replacement milk and more kitten food to care for the newest batch.  There are no low cost spay/neuter programs in my area at all.

Will you help?  I don't want donations, but reading my articles will help and won't cost you a dime.  You can start with the photo slideshow of the first kittens at the link above, and click here to see what else I've written. Please don't click blindly just to give me a page view, I only ask that you take a look and read what may interest you.

Reggie looking at mini-me

Reggie with his other baby brother

The critters all thank you and ask that you be responsible and spay and neuter your pets.

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