August 4, 2010

Vernors Ginger Ale - Don't Forget the Ice Cream!

Heat index of 104 expected again today - yuck.

Double yuck when you don't have air conditioning.

Thinking of how to keep cool today brings thoughts of a creamy, cold Vernors Ginger Ale ice cream float.  I first discovered Vernors many years ago and still think it's the best ginger ale you can buy.  Detroit pharmacist James Vernor improved the tasty brew much by accident when he left it it hidden in a wooden cask while he served during the Civil War.

The taste of Vernors Ginger Ale stands alone, but if you like a good root beer float, try a scoop of vanilla ice cream in your frosty mug of Vernors.  Make sure it's a good ice cream; the subtle oak flavor and real ginger of Vernors deserves vanilla beans, so don't skimp.

I rediscovered Vernors on a recent road trip where finding it in a rest area vending machine provided just the respite I needed on that long drive on another scorcher of a day.  Before the mercury skyrockets today, I think I'll head to town for that ice cream and see if my local mom & pop store has Vernors on the shelf.

Care to join me?

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CarolineNot said...

Marie Anne, as a child I was not fond at all of ginger ale, so I daresay it hasn't crossed my lips in at least 45 years. Understand, though, that this post ["...subtle oak flavor" - why'd you have to go and turn a phrase like that?] has caused me to believe my life will not be as enriched as is possible, until I've had at least a sip of Vernors Ginger Ale, with and without the ice cream. So the source search is on. Thank you? :o/