August 7, 2010

New Moneymaking Opportunities

Who doesn't like to make money?

I've found two new opportunities and not sure how lucrative they'll be, but I'm game to give it a shot.

The first one, Buy Blog Reviews, looks pretty good.  If you have a blog, you post a review of someone's website and get paid for it.  I've just signed up and can't wait to get started.  They pay via paypal every two weeks (1st and 15th of the month) and I don't see a minimum payout.

There appear to be hundreds of opportunities open right now with site owners paying between $2-15 per review, and at a quick glance it looks like most are in the $4-5 range.  Looks like easy money to me!  Why not join me and check it out?

I was told about this other money making opportunity by a fellow writer who's already near payout after just a few days.  Granted, she's got a lot of referrals helping her out, but it looks like it might be fun.  I've only poked around for few minutes and already have $1.08 in my account.  I don't think it'll replace Facebook for the social aspect of networking, but Facebook doesn't pay you either.

Take a look at SideTick and see what you think!

Update:  Just logged in and looked at a few pages and somehow jumped from $1.08 to $2.59 - works for me!

It's bedtime and I've doubled my earnings again.  $5.41 isn't bad for one day when I really didn't do anything.


JerZGirl said...

So, you also have to pay them for their reviews in return? Or only those who want reviews do the paying? -Wendy

Marie Anne said...

It's not an exchange, Wendy. There are two sides to the site - for advertisers and bloggers. If you want to advertise, yes, you pay the site, which will pay the bloggers.

If you blog and want to make money, you sign in as a blogger, list your blog, then look for reviews you might want to write.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the info, Marie Anne. I'm looking into the blogging site now.

JerZGirl said...

Do you have a link to the part of their site that mentions PayPal and days they pay? All I found was something about having to request payment and it probably being a Visa cash card. Or am I in the wrong part of the entire site?

Marie Anne said...

Wendy, which site are you looking at? It's the blog advertising site that pays twice a month.

Gayle said...

Thanks for the information. You may also want to look at Blogvertise. I've used them successfully for several months now.

Emily said...

Hi Marie,

I signed up! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny Wagner said...

This is great information! I'll go check out the site now with the link you provided. I really appreciate it.