August 9, 2010

Bedroom Redo - Need Accountability!

I have one tiny bedroom that is full of 'stuff' and I'm determined to get it squared away.  Most of the clutter is my yarn stash and I'm trying to figure out how to organize that so it's not such a  mess, and to make it easier to find what I need.

What a mess!

The closet doors were  hanging off when I bought the house, so I need to get those fixed too.

Can't hide things in a closet with no doors

The previous owner had a son who obviously liked airplanes, but that border has got to go.

... and go it did.  I scraped off the border on Saturday and washed down the walls.  Now just need a bit of mud on one wall with minor boo-boos and I'll be ready paint.

Getting there

Things are tidied up a bit, but I still have lots to do.  The big box is full of afghans that I've crocheted, and I'll be bringing those to my local VA hospital probably this week.  I've still got a few small boxes and bags filled with yarn that I need to figure out how to organize. The computer monitor, tower and small table can go to my storage locker, so that'll free up even more room.

Now to decide on paint color.  I was thinking a pretty sage green, not too dark, but now I'm not sure.  I found some curtain toppers my Mom had made me several years ago for my bedroom in a previous home, but they don't work with anything here.  Mom passed last year and I definitely want these curtains out where I can see them.  She loved curtains and enjoyed tinkering with her own ideas, so seeing them every day will bring me a bit of joy.

I wish you could see the color better; they're very pretty.

The room color right now is pale blue and actually doesn't look so bad now that the border is gone, and the curtains look ok, but I think I could go a little darker on the wall.  The main color in the curtains is blue, but there's also a pretty green and a golden yellow.  I could go with the green in the curtain for the wall color, but I'm not sold on that.  The golden yellow might be a better choice, and would certainly make it bright and cheery.

I'm taking one of the curtains to the store with me today and I'll find a bolt of cloth or piece of clothing to pull out the green and yellow to get a better idea.  A small paint chip won't be enough for a good visual of what it would look like on the walls.

So there you have it - my mess.  I'll keep you posted as I progress.


Ramona V. said...

Good start! Those refab or ready to assemble shoe cubbies might work for yarn. Or a wine rack. I like the milk crate suggestion too. For needles and crochet hooks, and old Pingles can, weighted in the bottom, with holes pokes in the lid.

CarolineNot said...

As soon as I read that your mom made the window topper, I hoped you'd decide to include it in your nest. You did not disappoint. Ü

I love projects such as this and will be eager to learn of your decisions and watch the progression.