August 12, 2010

Search and Win - Proof!

I signed up for SwagBucks some time ago, used it as my search engine here and there, then pretty much forgot about it.  I was reminded a few days ago and started using it again and was surprised to see this morning that I have enough bucks to buy a $5 Amazon gift card (which I promptly did), and only need 2 points to get another, which I should get in the next few minutes.  Pretty cool, huh?

Search & Win

There are lots of other prizes to choose from, but I prefer the Amazon gift cards and have several things on my wish list that I'm saving up for.

It only takes a minute to sign up and start earning, so go ahead and click the box -  you know you want to!


Kyla Matton said...

Sounds like it's worth a try! Pity they won't let us participate here in Quebec :(

Blogger said...
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