August 13, 2010

Indoor S'mores - New Favorite!

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Don't you love S'mores?  Gooey marshmallows, warm enough to melt the chocolate bar just a little, all smushed in a graham cracker sandwich?  Yum!

A number of years ago I hosted a weekend gathering at my home for several friends from an online group from nearby states -  one woman and her son even flew in from California! (I lived in Minnesota at the time).  We rode our horses and a friend's mules, ate good food, had good fellowship, and topped off the last evening with a campfire complete with singing and s'mores.

One of the women confessed that she'd never eaten a s'more.  We were stunned.  How could a red-blooded American woman live to be 40-some years old without ever having eaten a s'more?  Isn't that illegal or something?  (Apparently it was time for confession, because another woman admitted she didn't like fried chicken.  I was seriously starting to wonder about the company I was keeping).

So what do you do when you've a hankering for a s'more but you don't have a campfire?  Make Indoor  S'Mores!

Take a graham cracker (or two, or three ...)

Slather some Marshmallow Fluff on it.  (You know I love my Fluff!)

Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips.


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Jenny Wagner said...

You're making my mouth water!