January 16, 2010

Weight-Loss Update: The Journey Downward Continues

Some of you know that I've been following The Rosedale Diet with much success. I need to write another article about my progress, but you can read the beginning of my journey and an earlier blog entry.

I started down the path laid out by Dr Rosedale on Oct 6th 2009 more than 50 lbs overweight. I lost weight fairly quickly in the first three weeks, and seven weeks later, my bloodwork showed a decrease in total cholesterol of forty points. My cholesterol is lower now than it was when I was in the Marine Corps, 15 yrs younger at 135 lbs and running 2-3 miles almost every day. It's now been 14 1/2 weeks since saying no to carbs and I imagine my cholesterol is lower still, 7 weeks since my last lab results.

The Grannies for Goals blanket I'm making is getting big. As of this morning, I have lost 33.5 lbs.

I'm not 'there' yet, but I'm getting much, much closer.


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That's great! I wanna see that blanket soon!

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