January 18, 2010

Monday Morning Mischief

As is usual, I was up well before dawn this morning and tended to the morning ablutions (two pups out to pottie), then settled in to read email, etc.

Within a few moments there was a loud yelp behind me which quickly escalated into a frantic, crying/yapping. I turned to see that poor little Jethro had put his head through the side of the milk crate to pull out a toy and got his head stuck!

Typical Jack Russell Terrier mischief got Jethro into a fix, and he had already navigated the living room with the milk crate stuck on his head before I could get to him. Molly (my year old retriever mix) saw him as easy prey and I had my hands full trying to call her off while picking up the little guy, milk crate and all.

I was able to get him to quit struggling long enough to fetch the can of cooking oil spray, and with help finally freed him from the milk crate monster. The JRT-eating toybox has been relocated, and Jethro survived the incident, apparently none the worse for the experience.

He's back to chewing on the rungs of the chair leg, the door jambs, and drawer knob pulls.

Thus starts a brand new day in the St. Jean household.


American Angle said...

Molly & Jethro look like they have good chemistry..fun stuff at the St.Jean household ;-)

Susan said...

I like Jack Russels!!! Even though our little girl is a Maltese...:-)