January 25, 2010

Yee-Haw, They Fit!

More good news about my weight loss journey.

I plundered through my closet this morning hoping to find something suitable to wear to church on Sunday and the few dresses I had that might accommodate my 36 lb weight loss had short sleeves and were made of lightweight fabric. Since it's predicted to be about 30 here in Ohio next weekend, I didn't think that attire would be wise.

I continued to rummage around and found a pair of black slacks that I hadn't seen in about three years, and on a whim decided to try them on. They fit!

Thank you, Dr. Rosedale!

A fellow writer a few towns over invited me to attend her church this Sunday and help prepare bags of needed supplies for shipment to Haiti. I'm looking forward to meeting her and her family as well as doing what little I can to help in the relief effort. I've donated funds, but it seems so small when you consider the vast amount of devastation and money and supplies needed to even begin rebuilding.

The site I write for, Associated Content, is graciously donating $5 for each article we wrote this week concerning the earthquakes in Haiti and related topics. They are also donating a portion of the revenue earnings for each page viewed through the end of the month (at a rate of $1.50 per 1000 views) which will be given to the International Rescue Committee.

Please click the links below and also look at other articles about Haiti that may show up on the page below the original article. Each donation of reading the articles will add up, and cost you nothing but a moment or two of your time.

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How You Can Donate to Haiti Relief if You Have No Money

Donating Blood for Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort

Not Eligible to Donate Blood for Haiti? Volunteer With the Red Cross

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