March 25, 2009

Moving Out, Moving In, Moving On

It has been a long, tedious process moving out of the old rental home since we did everything without a moving truck, rather used a small, flat trailer for the large things and then just the back of the SUV for everything else. I couldn't count the number of trips back and forth! Each time I put things away in the kitchen and thought I had things halfway organized where I wanted them, here came another box or two and I had to start all over again. I think I have used up the entire water supply for my area between washing dishes and doing laundry, but I am determined to have things cleaned and put away (somewhere!).

Sunday afternoon was spent picking up the last few miscellaneous items and then cleaning up. I met with the landlord yesterday and he was pleased with the way the place looked (which isn't saying much, believe me) and wrote a check for my entire deposit. I had that $500 earmarked for one of several different projects that need attention in my new house, but as is the norm, that is likely to change.

While finishing up the un-wallpapering in my bedroom, I took a closer look at the two windows. They're in pretty sad shape and since I don't have air conditioning I will need to be able to open/close them easily for ventilation. I've never dealt with replacing windows and I'm having a tough time finding prices online, but as best I can figure it will probably be $150-200 per window, plus installantion. Uh oh, there goes the $500 rent deposit refund. While I'm not happy with that news, I am thankful that the money is there and pray that something else doesn't come up that is more urgently needed.

Here are pics of my naked bedroom, which I will probably wait to clothe until after I get the windows fixed.

The nasty splotches in the photo with the chair were an unexpected gift. The baseboard heater made the area right above it so dry that when I removed the wallpaper, the paint in that area came with it. It will require extra attention when patching and priming, but hopefully it won't turn into a major project (Ha! Who am I kidding?).

Did I say in my earlier post that little miss Molly wasn't getting into everything? I think I may need to amend that! Here she is with the towel she nabbed that was hanging on the stove handle, her food dish and placemat, and this morning, the curtains. Ah, gotta love puppy-hood ...

The more I watch her, the move I'm convinced that the chow/mastiff mix that I was told is not correct. The chow is there because she does have big black splotches on her tongue, but I see no signs of any form of mastiff, and my veterinarian agrees. I still think some sort of retriever, maybe golden or lab, and my vet says she has the face of a beagle. She already has one adult tooth so she thinks she may be closer to 4 months old rather than the 3 months that I was told. If that's true, then she would be a lot bigger than she is now if she was any amount of mastiff or other large breed.

I still don't care what her parentage is, she's a lovely little girl and an absolute joy in my life.


Raggedy Girl said...

Molly is so cute, I just love her. We had to sand and patch after removing the wallpaper. It goes fairly quick.

Roberta Anne

Gayle said...

What cute pics! I never fail to be amazed at the amount of love dogs bring into our lives.

Samantha said...

I know you are so anxious and excited to get everything done. I love the pictures of Molly,she is adorable, I just want to hug her !

Diane said...

Movin On! What a wonderful time in your life Marie Anne! I know there is yet a lot to be done, but I am so happy that you are FINALLY in your house and getting to it!

Molly is absolutely adorable! I wouldn't care if she was a Heinz 57, she's still wonderful!!!!