March 20, 2009

Meet Miss Molly

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Most of you know that I've been wanting to get a dog as soon as I got into my new home as I've been miserable in a rental home that didn't allow pets.

I visited the local county humane society a week or so ago and while there were a lot of pretty neat pooches, there just wasn't that 'one' that reached out and grabbed me, so I waited.

I went to run a few errands yesterday and decided to stop in at the shelter for another walk through. I went into the puppy room first and this cute little furball was wiggling her little puppy butt to beat the band, so after visiting with the rest of the dogs, I asked if we could take that pup out to play with and check her out further.

Oh, she was so excited to be out of that cage, jumping and playing everywhere, grabbing every toy she could find. It was all over for me, so I filled out the paperwork and said I would be back to pick her up after I finished my errands (which of course now meant buying collar, food, dish, toys, etc).

Without further ado, meet Miss Molly.

Molly is a 12 wk old Chow/Mastiff mix. I probably wouldn't have chosen a full Chow because of some of the issues with that breed, but even as small as she is, Molly is exhibiting none of the negative behavioral characteristics. She is a sweet, lovable little girl, loves to play but isn't obnoxious, enjoys romping with us on the floor or in the yard, yet is quite content to go find a spot to nap when she is done. She's inquisitive, yet not overly so where she is getting into everything. Very alert, she checks out every sound she hears.

I don't know who was responsible for the first 3 months of her life, but they did a very good job of socializing and helping her to be the sweet young lady that she is. Miss Molly now has a forever home, and I couldn't be more blessed.

Welcome home, Molly.


Raggedy Girl said...

Molly, you are a sweetie dog!

Have A Fantastic Friday
from A Raggedy Roberta Anne

koalatbs said...

I'm sure Miss Molly will make you very happy with tons of laughs & smiles! :)

Carl Knittel said...

She's cute. I love the site. I couldn't figure a quick way to share it with friends so I just posted it on my facebook page for everyone to check out. Renee and Gabe Huff are also on blogspot (doubleluvyou) and I have a blog for people reading through the bible in one year here as well. See you around the threads(or the farm)

Samantha said...

Your Molly is adorable ! She looks so sweet and happy. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend, blessings !

Martie said...

Awww... I love the pic of her sleeping on your boot/leg! She looks like a perfect puppy and I know she'll be such a great companion! Congrats on your new baby!

Diane said...

Molly is precious! I am so very happy that your new home is opening doors to such a promising future for you! Luv you!