March 26, 2009

My Journey Towards Table-Scaping

It's all her fault, the sweet lady that lives in the Little House in the Desert.

I've never lived in one place long enough to really turn it into a home, and of course never had money for extras anyway, but I'm determined to make this house 'mine', whether I ever have a single person walk through my doorway as company or not. I always have my cyber-visitors to share with, right?

I stopped at the Salvation Army while running errands yesterday and during my wandering I happened over to the section with dishes and glassware and such. I stopped and looked, picked up several pieces, hunted for coordinating pieces, put down, picked up more, walked to the other side of the store, came back, got a cart, put things in the cart, decided against them and put them back on the shelf - yadda yadda yadda. This went on for quite some time and then I walked out of the store with nothing.

Almost everything was half price but stupid me couldn't decide, so I didn't get anything at all! I saw a good number of pretty dishes, but I honestly hadn't given much thought to what I'd need for a tablescape so rather than buy things that wouldn't be used, I chickened out until I could think on it a bit more.

I remembered to look for tablecloths and place mats and did find a pretty pink tablecloth at Goodwill (my next stop) for $1.50 and then made the mistake of stopping at Big Lots following that. They had several tablecloths and runners and loads of place mats. I opted for plain yellow linen-like placemats at $1 each and also a crocheted table topper that I think will work catty-corner on top of a tablecloth, and a matching table running that I can use on my sofa-table or the dining table. At $2.50 each they seemed like a good investment.

The next find at Big Lots was chargers. I know what chargers are, but I've never set a table with one in all of my 51 years, so this was virgin territory for me. They had them in metallic gold and platinum color, a box of four for $6.00, so I got a box of each. I figured those along with black and white chargers in my china cabinet (that I don't have yet, but will probably now need) would be enough for most any tablescape I might try to construct.

Next stop - the local $1 store. Oh, I could have filled up several baskets worth of Easter goodies, but I restrained myself. I did pick up a packet of pretty grass in 3 colors, a bag of plastic eggs, some pretty purple paper plates (say that 5 times fast!) - purple for My King - small white bowls, small white paper doilies, and one other little goodie that reminded me of my childhood that I'll try to incorporate into a centerpiece somehow. I'm hoping to find enough other things to put together a simple table for Easter.

Oh, and I can't forget the two rooster placemats. They were $1.50 each and they had only the two of them, but they will be just right for my small kitchen table after I paint the kitchen and find the rest of my rooster and sunflower things.

I did find the box that had my pretty blue dishes that I fell in love with at an antique/country store when I was living in Minnesota several years ago. I was able to fill in some pieces that I found on the internet and I have the cups and saucers too, but goodness knows where they might be right now. Since these are the only 'pretty' dishes I have so far, I'm sure they will show up on my first real tablescape.

Now mind you, I have just about run out of funds since purchasing my house two weeks ago, I have windows that need to be replaced, a bathroom that needs everything from the sub-floor on up, more than one plumbing issue, land in desperate need of 'scaping - the list is endless - not to mention there is still a 10' x 25' storage locker full of things that I've got to move and settle in here somehow - and here I am thinking about tablescapes, when I can't even see my dining room table.

Will I ever put a table together worth sharing on Tablescape Thursday? Probably not, but it gives me something to aspire for.

Tablescape Thursday is hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Click the link or photo to visit and learn more.


Raggedy Girl said...

Of course you will do Table Scapes...we are homemakers at heart and it is just too tempting not to give it a try. Your post is so darling and I loved reading about your shopping. I too have given away whole sets of dishes to children but since I am a dish-a-holic I still have enough.
Roberta Anne

ellen b said...

Marie Anne! I loved this post and going along this tablescaping journey :0)
We are interesting creatures don't you think?
Enjoy the rest of the journey!!

Diane said...

Oh, I know you well enough to know that you most definitely WILL do Table Scape Thursday with your table scape on grand display! You are not the type to let things go by you once you've put your mind to it!

Loved hearing about your shopping trip! If I lived closer to you, you just might find those rooster place mats missing one day!!! ;)

Enjoy your new house and the homemaking journey Marie Anne. You've earned it!


Cyn said...

Hey now, Diane would have to share the rooster place mats with me! One for each of us.

I look forward to the table scape that you'll put together one day. I have faith in you.

Coloradolady said...

Hello! I stumbled over from Raggedy Girl's blog, I was interested in how you were going to construct a china cabinet. I had to laugh at myself...I too wish I had the know-how for Tablescape Thursday....I love to look at all the pictures, but don't think I have the know-how to pull that one off! Good for you for taking the effort!! I'll be back for another visit......looking for that china cabinet post!

Linda said...

Atta girl, Marie Anne! I feel so overwhelmed by tablescaping, but it is kind of fun and give you a fresh look on your table. You are off to a wonderful start - way to go! Linda
p.s. I pick up, put back, pick up, put back over and over : )