May 13, 2015

How to Get Free Products to Review - Step One

I've been promising to tell you how you can get free (and super cheap) products from Amazon sellers in exchange for your review, and I'm finally getting to it.   This post will contain some of the very basics of what you'll need to do before you can expect to get free products, so make sure to follow this blog for more tips.  I'll be tagging each post with the key words "Amazon Review Tips" so that you can find them easily by clicking on that phrase in the right sidebar.

1.  Create an account on  So ... first things first - if you don't have one already, create an account on  It's pretty self-explanatory, but these photos show where to start and what information you'll need.

2.  Review products that you already own.  If you've purchased things through amazon before, make sure that you review them.  It doesn't matter if you purchased the product last year or last week, get those reviews done so that your profile won't be a blank page.  Sellers like to see that you're good about posting reviews, and what kind of reviews that you write.  The more you build up the number of reviews on your account, the better your ranking will be (and the more attractive you'll be to sellers looking for people to review their products).

You can also post reviews of products that you own but purchased elsewhere.  Go through your house and look for kitchen appliances, electronics, etc., and search for them on amazon.  Once you find the product that is the same as what you own, go ahead and leave a review the same as if you'd purchased it through amazon.  It won't show up as a verified purchase, but that's ok, it'll still help your numbers.  

Here are a couple of reviews I've written for products I purchased elsewhere:

And of course you can review books also, whether purchased through amazon or another store, or even those you've checked out from your local library.

3.  Consider purchasing Amazon Prime.  Even if you don't order many things from amazon right now, once you start reviewing, you'll need it.  Even when I purchased just a few things a year, Amazon Prime was still worth it to me because my items were shipped in two days, and just about everything was free to ship.  Those shipping costs add up quickly!  If you want to start receiving products free or at a discounted price to review, you'll definitely need Prime.  

Not only will you get free two-day shipping by signing up for Amazon Prime, but you also have thousands of instant videos and songs available to you, as well as free e-books.  

You can get a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, so go ahead and give if a shot when you're ready to make your next purchase.  

4.  Write a quality review.  I'll make a separate post about this topic, but if you're going to start reviewing now, make sure that you're writing a minimum of 3-4 sentences and try to focus on things you think another potential customer might be interested in knowing (dimensions, fit (for clothing), how a product feels, did it make you break out, etc (for personal care products).  

You can see my reviews on my amazon profile.

If you're new to amazon, those are the very basic things you'll need to complete before you can jump into reviewing products for free.  Those of you who are veteran amazon buyers who have already been reviewing products you've purchased, don't go away.  More helpful information will be posted on this blog soon.

I've already written one post about how to get free products to review, but I plan on expanding on that, and will put the posts in chronological order of what steps to follow.

If you have any questions at all about getting items free to review, leave a comment and I'll either respond there, or make a separate post about it.  I've had many items delivered each week lately, and in some cases, several items a day, and I'm happy to share info that might help others do the same.

~ Marie Anne

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Thanks, MA - I'll be following all of this closely. You always have great tips - written out carefully and thoughtfully.