April 13, 2015

How to Get Products Free or Cheap in Exchange for a Review

How would you like to have your mailbox filled with loads of free items every day?  Do you jump for joy when the delivery truck shows up with packages from amazon?  If you get them free (or for a buck or two), it's just like Christmas!  It's not hard to do if you know where to look.  Companies that sell their products on amazon.com get more exposure when their items are reviewed, so they are willing to send them to customers like you and me for as little as a dollar or two, and many are absolutely free. Most offer them with free shipping if you have an amazon prime account.

Just in the last two weeks I've received more than a dozen items totally free, or for $1 - some are less expensive items, but a few that are more high-dollar and definitely worth the few minutes it took me to use the product and write the review.   Here are just a few of the items I've received in the last few days:

Portable changing pad for my son and his wife (who just gave me a new grandbaby last week!)


2' stuffed giraffe for same new grandbaby (although his 2 1/2 yr old big sister seems to have claimed it).

Amazing diffuser, which has helped with my allergies.

Essential oils to use with above diffuser.

Stunning handmade pendant.  Click through to look at the closeup of this - it's gorgeous!

Pretty sling bag with  multiple pockets - very versatile.

I've also received a selfie stick, a flexible tripod to get that steady shot with my cell phone, reusable shopping bags, portable chargers (I keep one in my car and another in my purse), a knee cushion for gardening, expensive face creams, loads of vitamins and supplements, easy to use handheld can opener with bottle opener, calf compression sleeves (great for fending off stress fractures) ... and that's just a partial list of things I've received for free (or as little as $1)!

Ok, I've told you what kind of things I've been getting, but how can you get them?  Easy!  Start off on Facebook and search for groups.  There are dozens out there where sellers offer their products in exchange for reviews.  Some are for all different types of products, while others might be tailored more specifically to a particular theme - beauty, clothing, baby/toddler items, kitchen gadgets, etc.

Simply go to Facebook and start looking for groups by searching words like amazon reviews, or reviewers.   Look at the descriptions of the groups to see what type of things they offer, and see what the rules are for joining and asking for free products to review.  Pick a few to click to join, and sit back and watch for free/discounted products to be offered.  It's easy to join a number of groups and then be completely overwhelmed, so start small with just one or two groups until you develop a system for getting your quality reviews done in a timely manner (if you fall too far behind, you'll either be bumped down the list for getting product, or tossed out of the group entirely).

That's it!

Read the rules of the groups carefully, as some might request you to post a photo or video, or require you to write your review within a certain amount of days after receiving the product. Remember, these companies are giving you their product free (or nearly free) because they rely on you to review it in hopes of boosting their sales, so make sure to follow through and do your part.

I'll be publishing more posts about some of my favorite groups, how to keep track of your freebies and reviews, how to write a good review, what to do if the product sucks (it happens!), and just general tips on the whole topic of getting free product in exchange for reviews on amazon.com, so keep your eyes on this blog.  If you have any specific questions, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to address it in a future post.

Now get ready to go shopping - for FREE!

~ Marie Anne

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