July 29, 2014

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplement With No Fishy Aftertaste? Yes, There is Such a Thing!

I have very high cholesterol and can't tolerate statins to help lower it, so the best I can do is try to watch what I eat and get more exercise.  With knee injuries having me all but sidelined for almost two years now, exercise is tough, and it's been almost impossible to get rid of my extra weight.  Since fish oil supplements are purported to help lower cholesterol and also help curb inflammation and be good for overall joint health, it makes sense that I should take them. But they stink.  And they make you burp nasty, fishy stuff later.  Yuck.

The health benefits of krill oil are supposed to be as good as, or even better than fish oil because it's higher in omega 3 fatty acids, but with less of the negative aspects. I was given a bottle of Naturo Science Krill Oil Supplements and was skeptical at first because there definitely was a fishy odor as soon as I took the seal off the bottle, even though others have reported that they didn’t notice any. I do have a heightened sense of smell, much more sensitive than the average person. I was pleasantly surprised after actually taking the pills, because there is absolutely no fishy taste, and, more importantly, no fishy taste to come back and visit later - no aftertaste at all!

I attribute the initial fishy odor to the fact that there are 60 pills in a tightly sealed container, and now that the seal has been removed, I notice a very, very slight odor when opening the bottle to take my pills, and it’s not offensive to me at all. There is no odor to the individual gel caps once I take them out of the bottle and set on the counter in the morning to take with breakfast.

I'm hopeful that even if the Krill Oil supplements don't directly impact my high cholesterol, that they'll help with the inflammation of my knees due to bursitis and allow me to be more mobile, which will lower my cholesterol, help me lose weight, and get my blood sugar under control (I'm pre-diabetic also).

The pills themselves are fairly small gel caps and go down easily. If you’re looking for essential fatty acid supplements that are easy to take and don’t have that nasty taste come back to haunt you, the Krill Oil supplements by Naturo Sciences might be just what you’re looking for. 

~ Marie Anne

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I was given the Krill Oil supplements by Naturo Sciences in a promotional giveaway, but that in no way influenced my review.

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