July 26, 2014

Best Jerky Ever - Country Smoke House Specialty Foods

I was gifted a box of jerky and snack sticks from Country Smoke House Specialty Foods recently, and oh my, this stuff is the best!  I've eaten a LOT of jerky in my day, including homemade jerky, and I have no problem saying right up front that this box I received contained the best jerky I've ever eaten.

The product was packaged very well in a beautiful, sturdy gift box

Gift box I received from Country Smoke House
© Marie Anne St. Jean

My box contained:

Buffalo Jerky
BBQ Beef Jerky
Spicy Maple Turkey Jerky
Venison Cheddar Cheese Snak Stix

Of the four items I received, I would be hard pressed to say which was my favorite.  They were all different, but excellent in taste and quality.  I don't normally like things that are too spicy, but while some of these items did have a little kick to them, the wonderful flavor of the meat and seasonings overshadowed that, and I ate each package in one sitting - it was THAT good.

The contents of my gift box from Country Smoke House
© Marie Anne St. Jean

I love that they use wild game and not just regular beef for their products.  I love anything venison, so the Venison Cheddar sticks (similar to a Slim Jim-type of thing, but a little softer and MUCH better) were a nice treat.  I've tried buffalo once or twice before, but never jerky.  I was excited to try the buffalo jerky from Country Smoke House and I wasn't disappointed ... Mmmm mmm.  Of course I've eaten turkey in numerous forms, but again, never jerky.  They did a wonderful job pairing the turkey with maple, and adding the spiciness to it was a superb combination, making it flavorful and not too sweet.

If you love wild game and any type of jerky treats, you'll love what Country Smoke House Specialty Foods has to offer.  They also carry kielbasa and a variety of cheeses in both block and spreadable tubs.

~ Marie Anne

The opinions in this post were not swayed by the fact that the box of jerky treats was given to me.

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