January 21, 2014

Easy Way to Earn Points on InstaGC

I posted the other day about another site that offers a way to earn amazon gift cards - InstaGC.   I haven't made a killing yet, but I'm definitely adding it to my list of sites to visit each morning as part of my daily routine.  I love the fact that you can cash out with as little as 100 points for $1 Amazon gift card, and that you get it immediately after hitting the redeem button - who doesn't love instant gratification with free money? You can also save for Amazon gift cards in larger amounts, and gift cards for dozens of other stores too.

One of the easiest ways to earn a few points is by clicking on 'Visit Sites' in the left sidebar.  You'll likely recognize some of the sites listed on that page if you work other sites for points, but clicking on InstaGC is the quickest and easiest.  As you can see by the photo below, most of the options listed give you a point just to click and visit the site for a few seconds; nothing else is required at all, and you can do this every day.  (There were even more listed, but I grabbed the screen shot after I'd already started to click and receive points this morning).

Click photo to enlarge

There are plenty of other ways to earn points on InstaGC, but if I don't have time to do anything else, I make it a point to 'visit sites', if nothing else.  If I don't, I'm throwing away easy money and yes, those pennies add up.  I've made more than $3 with very little effort, and haven't even settled into a routine yet.

Won't you join me?

~ Marie Anne

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