December 13, 2013

How to Choose a Handheld Massager

Guest post courtesy of Christy Hoffman

Many may not know that massage is actually one of the oldest forms of homeopathic medical treatments known to man. Oils have been used in conjunction with massage to cure a wide variety of ailments from the common cold to sore and achy muscles. Even today, with all the modern medical conveniences, there is nothing like mom rubbing a mixture with eucalyptus on your chest when you are sick. Or how about getting a massage when you pull a muscle or are feeling stressed out? Now, not everyone can afford to see a massage therapist whenever they want a massage so purchasing a handheld massager is the next best thing. The following are some tips when choosing a handheld massager for your personal massage needs.

Where is the Source of Pain 

Before you buy an expensive handheld massager you need to decide where you will be using it, on what part of the body. Some may want to buy a massager that can be used on the entire body and that comes with different features to allow the heads to be changed to fit the need. If you only plan on using the massager on your back then you wouldn’t need the added features and can buy a simple model made for this area. The same can be said if you are only planning on using the massager on your legs and feet, a small version would work just fine for this area.

Is a Flexible Head Important? 

There is not one part of the body that is not curvy in some way or that does not have ridges or any other type of contours. For this reason, you do need a flexible head on your handheld massager so that all parts of the tissue are reached equally. If you are trying to massage yourself, the flexible head also makes it easier to get to those places that you couldn’t reach with your hands. For those who have a partner who can help them out, it still make sense to have a head that floats easily over the body rather than a stiff head that has no give to it.

Vibration, Heat and Accessories 

You also want to have the options of vibration and heat build into your handheld massager to get more relief and to get more healing to the affected areas. If you want to know more about these types of handheld massagers, you can click here for more information. The massager should also have accessories like different head types and sizes. These help you to get more out of one massager without having to buy a different one for each different area that you intend to use it on. There is nothing better than a great massage to help relieve stress or to offer comfort to achy muscles. This form of therapy has been used for many, many years and is still a popular way to get relief. Rather than putting out the money for a massage with a therapist, you need to buy a handheld massager and take care of your own aches and pains.

Christy Hoffman has been blogging about the benefits of self massage for four years and is considered an expert in the field.

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