February 5, 2012

$90 in Gift Cards With SuperPoints So Far

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Haven't signed up for SuperPoints yet?  What're you waiting for?

Just by clicking a button a few minutes each day, I've earned $90 in amazon gift cards in just over two months. I have help from referrals, but once I earned my first gift card and told others how easy it was, the referrals came quickly.  I've always been a failure at anything even remotely smelling like MLM, but I can click a button and tell others how to earn from it, and you can too!

I'm earning one $5 gift card every 3-4 days on average.  Will everyone start off this quickly, or enjoy this much success?  Of course not, but I've shown lots of others how to do it and they're catching up fast!  I've even helped them get to the next level and earn more by recruiting for them instead of adding to my own downline.  

Click the referral link below to sign up, and please leave me a comment letting me know you've done so.  SuperPoints is by invitation only, and each referral link is good for one person so if you use this link, I can edit the post to add a current one for someone else.  

If I don't know you personally, make sure to let me know how I can reach you (on facebook, email, Yahoo IM, etc), so that I can help you move up the ladder and earn more.

Click to Join SuperPoints
... then fill out your profile immediately to earn more points!

The lucky person who signs up with this link 
starts off with 25 bonus points in their account


Theresa Wiza said...

You might find this funny and also weird: Instead of clicking the photo, I clicked the word, "enlarge," and I found lots of ways to enhance my penis. Jeesh! Maybe you should change the word or delete it altogether ;)

Reena D said...

MA, I signed up with your link! Will check things soon!

Marie Anne said...

Great, Reena! Thanks for letting me know. I changed the link so it is valid for the next person.

Reena D said...

MA, can we leave a survey in between and return to it later?