January 21, 2012

3 Easy SBs Every Day at SwagBucks

Most of us earn points every day by using SwagBucks as our search engine.  Did you know you can get 3 SBs guaranteed, every day?

While on your SwagBucks main page, look at the tab marked Earn, then click on Daily Poll.  Each day there's a new poll that's worth 1 SB.  No one sees your results (unless you click to share on facebook) -- just click any of the choices provided, then click on vote.  That's it!

For another 2 SBs every day, choose NOSO (under Earn again).  NOSO stands for No Obligation Special Offer.  You don't have to complete any offers or give any credit card info or anything, just look to the bottom to click for next offer, or skip (the words vary).  Get to the end and there should be a box to type in a code to collect your 2 SBs.  Easy peasy!

It takes me probably 10 seconds to grab my 3 SBs every morning while sipping my tea.  It might not seem like much, but every point helps.

Search & Win

Haven't signed up yet?  I've earned almost $200 in amazon gift cards so far ... what're you waiting for?

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