November 14, 2011

Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie From Kroger

I've been with BzzAgent for a while but never did anything with it as I wasn't thoroughly familiar with how the site was run.  I signed up for my first campaign a week or so ago and figured I'd give it a go to see the benefits.

This campaign was to try a new Kroger brand of chocolate chip cookies and give my honest opinion of them.  I thought I was going to get coupons to purchase them myself, so I was pleasantly surprised when my mail carrier brought me a package today that contained two boxes of The Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie, and made a bee-line to the fridge for a glass of cold milk!

Honestly, the cookies were ok, but I don't get where they can advertise them as anything remotely tasting like homemade.  They're not soft like homemade cookies, and the amount of chocolate chips was nothing to write home about either.  Don't get me wrong, the cookies were good, but not what I was expecting after the hyped-up advertising.

Will I buy the cookies if I'm at Kroger?  Perhaps, if I have a coupon making the purchase a sweet deal.  If not, I think I'd pass them up.  I can buy cookies that are just as good (and probably better) elsewhere for less cost.


Marsha C said...

I have this campaign too.
Funny how we do have our own opinions. I don't care that they are so hard, but otherwise I do think they taste pretty awesome.
We've eaten one box so far and I thought there was plenty of chocolate chips. I'm hankering to eat more but promised the grandkids each one with milk for snack tonight.

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