September 26, 2011

Win a Free Dishwasher and Clean Up Your Countertops

My dishwasher was torn out when I bought this house because it was beyond dead.  I don't use a dishwasher much, but I'd love to win one to fill the hole where the old one was!

Click to 'like' Finish on facebook and enter to win one of three new Bosch dishwashers.  They're also giving away 4,000 Finish Jet-Dry samples each week.

My kitchen counters are trashed and I don't want to replace them yet because I want to rearrange my kitchen, which I won't have the money to do for some time.  I saw this sweepstakes on facebook where the prize is a roll of granite looking contact paper made especially to cover old countertops.  I thought it might look pretty cheap, but this type of product got rave reviews on amazon, so why not try to win and find out for myself?

Make sure to 'like' the page by clicking on the left hand side first.  If you click and win, I win too.  If you share with your friends and one of them wins, you're also a winner!

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Langley Cornwell said...

The links work, thanks for letting us know.