July 21, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - Earn a Quick Buck Every Day With SwagBucks

Search & Win
I've posted often enough about joining SwagBucks to earn free gift cards and other prizes, so most of you probably already know how to earn by searching.  You can also earn by watching videos or completing special offers and other tasks, but I don't mess with most of that.

There's one thing I try to remember to do every day for a quick SwagBuck with a single click - the daily poll.

There's a new question every day and all you have to do is click on one of the five answers to earn your SwagBuck.  What could be simpler?  One SwagBuck doesn't amount to much by itself, but 30 extra SwagBucks a month is enough to encourage me to invest the extra second or two of effort daily.

From the SwagBucks home page, look to the top left and click on Earn, then click on Daily Poll.  Easy peasy!

I earned enough SwagBucks over several months to purchase a new GPS, carrying case and other accessories and still have about $30 in my account.  What are you saving for?


Julia Williams said...

I'm not saving for anything in particular but will redeem the amazon $5 cards to put into my account. There is always something I want on there :-)

The new Peanut Labs is a pretty good way to rack up some points. They often have several 5 SB offers where all you have to do is enter a Captcha.

Blogger said...

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