June 1, 2011

What to Do With This WIP?

My spare bedroom has been vacated, leaving me with a clean slate to start with.  Too bad I haven't a clue what to do with it.

The border has to go, as does the icky carpet, but I have no money to replace all the carpeting in the house right now, so unfortunately that will have to wait for a bit.  The window is being propped open by a wood block and the frame has fallen apart, and the rest of the windows in the house except for my own bedroom are in similar shape.  Again, funds to do all the fixing just aren't available.  For now I'll have to make do with a can or two of paint and perhaps curtain toppers.

I had a $5 off coupon for a gallon of Valspar paint that was going to expire soon, so I bought one can even though I wasn't ready to paint just yet.  Couldn't let that deal go to waste!

I chose Jungle Chameleon.  Whatdya think?  All ideas welcomed for this project.

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Sandy said...

Good color, will be easy to decorate around that color.

anthony stemke said...

I abhor painting, but love it when it's finished. We have a spare room but I use it's closet. My BW uses the closet in our bedroom.

You could turn it into a gym, get a bench and some dumbells.

Turn it into a library, put in bookshelves.

Turn it into an arts and crafts enclave.

Put sound system in, get a comfortable recliner and use to relax and listen to music. No I'm not crazy, some music you should Listen not hear. I love chamber music.

I probably am no help, but you will think of something.

Marsha S said...

well, I don't know! From the photo, the room looks very pretty to me.
When we bought this house and have a 3rd bedroom, I jumped on it to be my craft room.
It also holds the book shelves, and the grandkids use it often as a play room. I put all of their toys, games, art supplies and such in the cabinet and drawers in the hall just outside of that room.
It's about a total mess in the room right now.
I'm sure hoping some day to get my act together.

Mindy said...

That's a great color! I can't wait to see what you do in there.