June 4, 2011

Saving Money Saturday

Was able to save a bit of money on this sunny Saturday morning.

Decided to see if I could pare down my satellite TV bill.  Compared the plan I have with the next smaller plan and saw that I don't really watch any of the channels on the larger plan, so downgraded.  Instant $10 monthly savings.

Taking it further, I asked if I could save the $5 per month fee for the second TV connection since my spare bedroom is now empty with no TV.  They couldn't do it because the receiver is already set up for two, but if you sign up for autopay, they waive that fee.  Instant $5 monthly savings.

Checked snail mail to find coupon for free bag of Sunchips, Tostitos or Lays Potato Chips, up to $3.99.  Can't remember where I signed up for that.

Printed coupons for:

$1 off Tidy Cat Cat Litter (any size/variety)
$3 off Purina Dog Chow

At coupons.com:

$ .35 off Nestle Crunch single bar (printed 2), and another coupon for buy two/get one free.  Sweet deal!
$1 off Wilkinson Sword Razors at WalMart (regular price .97, so will be free with coupon)
$1 off Garnier shampoo or conditioner

Can't remember which site I got them, but also snagged:

$1/2 Healthy Choice frozen meals (Printed 2)
$1/2  Bar-S Franks (Current WalMart price is $1, so hot dogs for .50/pack!)
$1 MorningStar Farms Veggie Food Product (I'll get sausage patties. Printed 2)
$ .75/2 Ball Park Franks

I've saved a few bucks this morning, now I need to get into gear and write so I can make some money!

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