June 7, 2011

Walgreens Trip 6/6 - Lesson Learned

After getting $24 in RR (free Walgreens money) on Sunday, I stopped back in yesterday to see what deals I could snatch up.  It was my first time using RRs so I asked  lot of questions before heading out to make sure I understood how it worked.

First disappointment was that neither Walgreens store in my area had any of the fish oil caps left that gave $2 overage.  Bummer.  I know now to not expect any great deals like that to be available beyond Sunday morning.

Moving on.

The flyer in the Sunday paper had a Walgreens' coupon for All detergent at 2/$7 and the inserts from that same paper had a coupon for $1.  I had two newspapers, so that meant I had the two coupons to match up, making the price for All $2.50 ea.  I wanted to use one of the $10 RRs so had to come up with $5 more product since they don't give you change.

Dawn dishwashing liquid was on sale for .99, so five of those would put me .05 shy of what I needed, so I looked around to see what other small thing I could grab.  I noticed that Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Spray was listed with $1 RR, bringing that price down to $1.99, so I opted for that.  All sorts of bagged candy was on sale for .49 with a limit of three, so I changed tactics and bought three bags, the hair spray and two bottles of Dawn, which should have put me over by just a few cents.

When everything rang up, I ended up paying $1.44 plus .84 tax.  Hmmm, where did I go wrong? A-ha!  I had factored in the price of the Aussie Instant Freeze after the $1 RR, rather than the $2.99 listed, so that made for the extra $1 OOP (out of pocket).  No big deal, but I'll make sure to pay more attention next time.

So here's what I ended up with:

All Detergent reg price 2/$9.98, sale price 2/$7.00
Dawn Dishwashing Liquid sale price .99 ea, bought two = $1.98
Aussie Instant Freeze reg price = $2.99
Candy sale price .49, bought three = $1.47

Total price = $13.44

Used $10 RR and two $1 coupons for All.

$13.47 - 12.00 = $1.44 (plus tax) OOP, plus received another $1 RR.

I think I did pretty good for my first time using RR and matching up deals.  I still have $15 in RRs to use and am anxious to see what specials will pop up next week.


Karenb said...

$2.28 for all that in my mind is still a very fabulous deal, especial considering 5 of the six items are name brand items.

Karenb said...

*Especial should be especially.

KarenG said...

I shop at Walgreens and like their specials but I have no idea what RR is. Sounds like free money!

Susan said...

"RR" is "Register Rewards".

Certain items, when scanned at checkout time, cause the printer next to the register to spit out RRs.

They're basically gift certificates, that can be used on a future purchase towards anything you buy in the store. (You don't have to buy the same thing that got you the RRs.)

Hope that helps,

Nathan said...

Good Job. I get excited seeing other's posts and how they start saving. At RiteAid the clerks know me as one of the few guys who go coupon shopping. I mentioned something to one of them and she said, "Oh I remember you because you are one of the few men who coupon shop there are a lot of ladies who do."

I love to save money with my wife.