January 30, 2011

Cashed Out and Paid Instantly!

Do you use Twitter?  I do, and got paid to do it.  I've been a member of Sponsored Tweets for a while now and while I don't get a large number of offers, they still trickle in here and there.  I looked at my balance and realized I had enough to cash out so clicked to do just that, expecting it would take a few days or even weeks before I'd get paid.

Whoa, I got paid immediately!  I no sooner had my finger off the button when I got an email saying I'd been paid.  I opened my PayPal account and did a double-take at the last two entries:  a debit of $52.25 and a credit of $52.25.  I had just gone to WalMart and spent the same amount as I'd just gotten paid - to the penny!  How cool is that?  

Sponsored Tweets won't make you rich, but if you're like me, getting a buck or two here and there for little to no effort is always a good thing.  You can cash out at any time for a fee (I think it's $2), or wait until you've accumulated $50 and keep it all.

If you're tweeting anyway, why not get paid for it?

1 comment:

Theresa Wiza said...

Sounds easy enough and not too time consuming. Thank you!