September 15, 2010

Tips for Bloggers: Use Labels to Organize and Increase Readership

Anyone can slap up a blog in just a few minutes with no special skills.  But how do you increase readership of your blog by making it more efficient and easier to navigate?

One way is to use labels on your blogs effectively.  Most blogs have a default archive by month, which doesn't help anyone find a post on a particular topic unless they know when you wrote it.  If your blog posts are labeled, it's like providing a roadmap directly to content on that topic.

How does labeling your blog increase readership?  If someone is reading a post that they find interesting, chances are they'd enjoy reading more of your content on that topic.  Without labels, they'll never know you've written anything else on the same subject and might miss important related information.  If labeled appropriately, one click will bring them to everything you've previously published in that same area.

Read more about how to increase readership as well as help your audience by using labels on your blog.

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