July 21, 2010

One Article at a Time

As mentioned in an earlier post, many freelance writers with Associated Content have taken on the challenge to help others in their community, as well as use their skills with a pen to increase awareness on issues of unemployment, homelessness and hunger.

I accepted the challenge and my intent to donate food to the local food bank was met with challenges of its own.  I searched extensively online and could find little information about organizations available to help feed the hungry in Chillicothe and Ross County.

I'm pretty internet savvy and if I couldn't find where to donate and learn how else I might help, I'm sure others had similar results.  Then what of the single mom using the library computer to read online classifieds and do job searches, who may also be wondering what's left in the pantry to feed the kids for dinner? Sure she could check with local social services agencies, but nowhere that I could find had any central information source for where to get help to feed your family in Ross County or Chillicothe.

(photo courtesy of Benjamin Earwicker)

Realizing that as a freelance writer I had the means to help literally at my fingertips, I set off to the Good Samaritan Network of Ross County to gather information for the blog page you see in the tab above.  It's by no means a complete resource, but it's a start, and one I intend to expand on to include other services available in my area of Ohio.

I wrote about my visit with Bob Cordes at Good Samaritan here.

Once again, reading my blog(s) and articles here helps increase the amount I'm able to donate monthly from my freelance income. Won't you help?

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